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Extension Publications, etc.

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Professional Roles

  1. Ex-officio committee. State of Hawaii Pest Control Board, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. 
  2. Hawaii Pest Control Association
  3. Search Committee Member. Mycology position, Department of Plant and Environment Protection Sciences.
  4. Student Competition Judge. Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting.
  5. Proctor. Board Certified Entomologist Certificate Examination.
  6. Advisory. Kaiser High School, Termite educational project.
  7. Advisory. Hawaii Pacific University, Termite educational project. 
  8. Committee. Urban Entomology Booth. Riverside Annual Insect Fair. 
  9. UC Riverside Urban Pest Management Annual Conference.
  10. Manage Nan-Yao and Jill Su Entomology Scholarship.
  11. Member. UHM Graduate faculty.


Biodegradable hydrogel to deliver aqueous bait to control pest ants. Patent application no. 62/400,161; Publication no. US20200029555; international publications BR112019005990, CN110114092, EP3518980, WO/2018/064186.