Media coverage

Media coverage

Biodegradable Hydrogel Ant Bait Development

Development of a biodegradable hydrogel ant bait made from seaweed 

Links: ScienceDaily  –  –  Sky News  –  United Press  –  EurekAlert  –  Highlander   Innovation Toronto  –  Press-Enterprise  –  Highland News

Yellow Crazy Ant Worker Reproduction 

Worker reproduction of the invasive yellow crazy ants 

Link: ScienceDaily

New Faces: New Assistant Professor  

Urban Pest Management, PEPS, CTAHR, University of Hawaii 

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Impact of urban insect pests on Hawaiian agriculture

Subterranean termites attack banana fruits from Hawaii farms

Photo credit to Scot Nelson, CTAHR Emeritus Specialist
Forest tree termite damage on citrus trees on Kauai, Hawaii

Forest tree termite (Neotermes connexus) was found to damage citrus crops on Kauai Island, Hawaii.

Photo credit to Roshan Manandhar
Yellow crazy ants directly damage Hawaiian crops with their formic acid secretions
Tropical fire ant and little fire ant are spreading from infested plant nurseries

For example, tropical fire ant (Solenopsis geminata) and little fire ant (Wasmannia auropunctata) are spreading from infested plant nurseries to many locations, stinging farm workers and causing economic impact.