Dr. Jia-Wei Tay

Location: Gilmore 402

Office hour: By appointment


PEPS 491 – Special Topics

 Introduction to the biology, ecology, and management of urban and medically important insect pests.

PEPS 463 – Medical and Urban Entomology (anticipated Fall 2021)

Introduction to the biology and ecology of urban and medically important insect pests, the roles of arthropods as vectors of diseases, their impacts on human populations, clinical signs and symptoms of the diseases, and disease epidemiology.

PEPS 421 – Foundations of Pest Management

Theory of integrated pest management, basic knowledge of pests of major cropping systems and urban environments. Co-teach with Dr. Mark Wright, Dr. Zhiqiang Cheng, and Dr. Ikkei Shikano.

PEPS 690 – Graduate Seminar in Entomology

Seminars on research and topics in entomology. 
Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent.

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